Tuesday, October 28, 2014


First and foremost I would like to apologize to my readers

I've been on a hiatus for over a year, 

I could not find the time to update my blog due to my busy schedule. I have 3 jobs so yea life has been really busy.

Anyway recently I've made one of the biggest purchase in my life, it cost twice of my Giorgio Armani Suit. at around MYR20,000 I got myself an Omega Z-33 Spacemaster .

yea I know many people are saying i am overpaying for a quartz digital watch but who cares, I am not into those horology shit but I do appreciate nice watches like Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore , Patek Philippe Nautilus , Rolex Yatchmaster/Daytona/Skydweller and etc but thing is those are way over my pay grade lol , i cant afford those watches!

Actually I've been having my eye on the Omega Z-33 for sometime, but it got me to buy it when i receive a sign while watching one of the best movie of this year starred by Tom Cruise, Edge of Toommorow

Can you imagine the last boss was called Omega, it was a definitely a sign from heaven that I should get the watch i truely desire which is the Omega Spacemaster Z-33 

Damn Rita Vrataski is damn hot

So being the impatient person I am I couldt wait until I get an opportunity to be in Kuala Lumpur to purchase the watch so instead i just cross the causeway to Singapore Ion Orchard in the quest to obtain my chunky bulky grade 5 titanium Omega that is destined to lie on my small little Asian wrist. And in the process I get to contribute abit to Singapore nation building by paying 7% GST. 

Close up picture

/I am such a geek lol watching some kpop MV 

yea its written OMEGA and Speedmaster on the rubber strap

Cash view #fakewatchbusta & #rolexenforcer cant bust me

Night view

Yea i am all packed and all ready to leave this speck of dust called earth.

I dedicate my Spacemaster to Christopher Nolan's latest masterpiece Interstellar 

my most anticipated movie of the year. Its coming!! less than 2 weeks away

I am really concern that my super high expectation would kill the movie,

I hope it can come close to Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey 2001

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tai Chi

Recently I just watched a movie called Man of Tai Chi, well I watched it because Keanu Reeves is my no.1 favorite Hollywood actor. This movie was directed by Keanu Reeves himself and the movie was shot in Hong Kong and acted by few Hong Kong stars such as Simon Lam and Karen Mok... Anyway the movie was ok I think all their cars were sponsored by the Volkswagen group because there were Buggati Veyron,Lamborghini Aventador,Bentley Mulsanne, Audi A8 and Volkswagen Tiguan in the movie( which is all owned by the parent company of Volkswagen Group). Anyway of course I drool all the way in the movie! anyway the reason why I posted about this movie is because at the last fighting scene I saw something very interesting! I saw the GA eagle logo on the back of Keanu Reeve's pants! So it trigger me to do some checking and it turns out that the wardrobe of this movie are made by Giorgio Armani!

Impressive right? well most of my jeans has the GA logo , thats why it is my favourite choice of jeans because it is very noticeable  and obvious yet subtle!

Anyway it has been awhile since I last shared my purchases, well anyway as you may know I dont really spend so much on shopping anymore because nowadays I only go for stuffs with mad discounts.. at least it has to be more than 40%! not paying full retail anymore unless I really really really really like the stuffs!

Since it has been very long time since i last shared my purchases I dont think I can post all of the stuffs here so Ill just highlight on the interesting stuffs. (or actually the stuffs that i already have in my pictures because I am too lazy to find my new purchases and snap pictures lol!) These stuffs are bought since the last time I posted so all the purchases are made in the span of over 6 months.

 my first Ed Hardy T-Shirt, picture taken at Haagen Dasz, Hatten Square. I am in love with the chocolate fondue now lol.

 my new Emporio Armani belt with chains and Burberry keychain

other stuffs I was wearing was Giorgio Armani T-Shirt and Emporio Armani Jeans.

Emporio Armani Camo Shirt

new Emporio Armani Jacket - Made in Italy - Picture taken at Alexis, The Gardens.

 Another picture of the jacket unbuttoned, This picture was taken right after I bought the jacket at KLCC. Did some shopping for Caroline's birthday preparation.

 Breaking fast in Zenith Hotel with my Family.

New jacket from Emporio Armani bought together with the jacket above. The Shirt inside is Baju Melayu tailored from Sparkmanshop.

 Another picture of the same jacket zipped up at Asam Pedas Kota Laksamana, Melaka.

The shirt is from Emporio Armani, one of the great bargains I found in Johor Premium Outlet. Picture taken after I bought my first Givenchy shirt. Picture of Givenchy shirt will come much later I havent worn it yet although I bought it few months ago... reserving it for Raya.

 My most favorite place to hunt for bargain stuffs! 

 Remember my past few posts about my Prada turtleneck shirt? Well this is me wearing it at Odeon Melaka (my favorite breakfast place)

 Z Zegna ties - Made in Italy

the rest are old stuffs Calvin Klein Shirt, Emporio Armani suits and Hermes pocket four. Picture was taken during my graduation of Shell RSC/SOW course at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie.

Group photo with my friends from Shell Graduation. 

 First time cutting hair at Shunji Matsuo, Sri Hartamas.

Kimono Shirt and Ramie Pants from Giorgio Armani

My first Versace from Versace's diffusion line Versace Collection, hence the half Medusa. Picture taken at Aruku The Walk, probably the best club in JB.

And lastly my newest Emporio Armani brief , damn cool right? I did bought many Hugo Boss boxers and briefs recently too but they are just simple underpants so I dont think I need to share them here.

So what else I have been up to in the past few months? 

Was invited to Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2013 Cocktail Party at Giorgio Armani KLCC

Of course As usual they will be Models showcasing Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2013 collections! this one is my favorite.

First time trying Moet Chandon Rose Imperial

Also I found a new obsession.. 
 its Royce Chocolates! 

My favorite are the Namma Champagne and Tiramisu Wafer

I also have been going to the gym...

So on my last few visit to KL i stayed in Majestic Hotel once and another time I stayed in Puteri Pacific

 Having breakfast at Puteri Pacific Premier breakfast floor because normal breakfast is for Rakyat. JUST KIDDING lol 

 Notice my slippers? I learnt this from my good friend Aizat!

 Morning view of Kuala Lumpur

Look what we have here! new hotel in town
Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur brought to you by YTL hotels! the theme is based on colonial era.

 Colonial breakfast? haha

the room design is fresh!

Very cool toilet you can take a bath while watching TV umpp 

 Cool stuffs that I admire recently! 
Suede moccasin from Jimmy Choo with pin badges like the 80s!

Limited Edition watch from Emporio Armani Sportivo Collection, they have one in Emporio Armani KLCC for almost MYR3,000 . Its a quartz movement watch with titanium case.

anyway I really hope I can afford to get the Dior Homme triangle suit and Louboutin Rollerboy Spike sigh! but they are too expensive.. 

so thats all for now, next update will be about eating places that I manage to explore in the past half a year...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello my not so many readers! first I would like to apologize for not being able to update the blog for months! I've been very busy with work and did not have enough time nor the energy to update my blog... Anyway this will be the first part of my post where I concentrate mainly on my new wife! will post more regarding what I've been up to, new stuffs that i would like to add into my wishlist ,my aim for this season and etc will follow suit later!

First I would like to express my happiness of finally being able to buy myself a new car! I've been saving for quite some time in order to buy myself my first sports car! I know its a very poor financial decision and I am very well aware of the consequences of buying a depreciating asset like a car which would make me end up poorer at the end of the day! However there is a saying #YOLO (you only live once!) and unfortunately I live by that code! Therefore I made the the most irrational decision to buy an expensive car (by my standard of course!)  in order to reward my not so deserving self...

Anyway enough with the talk time for some pictures , full of syok sendiriness!

E Class Cabriolet this scene is taken from Sex and The City the Movie 2.!

 My first car with LED daylight running time! and also my first car with white headlights!

 The new and the old, the E and the C,the Coupe and the Sedan. By the way both cars have the same chassis, yup although the E Class Coupe (C207) was released much later than the W203 it still uses its chassis (not the newer W204)

 My friend's Ashraf's ride! he is few years younger than me but already married!

Lights on!

 Tinting session! JPJ compliance is my choice of course, I am a law abiding citizen.

 Tod's Country Club Limited Edition Mocassions meets AMG sports pedals.


My favorite angle!

And lastly myself with my Mercedes Benz cap that I bought from Melaka Mercedes service center on my first service. My Giorgio Armani t-shirt seems to match the caps well.

Anyway there will be around 30% price reduction on cars prices by 2017.. better start saving now! who knows I might be able to to afford a supercar by 30? must work harder and save even harder in order to make my dream become reality...

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