Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello my not so many readers! first I would like to apologize for not being able to update the blog for months! I've been very busy with work and did not have enough time nor the energy to update my blog... Anyway this will be the first part of my post where I concentrate mainly on my new wife! will post more regarding what I've been up to, new stuffs that i would like to add into my wishlist ,my aim for this season and etc will follow suit later!

First I would like to express my happiness of finally being able to buy myself a new car! I've been saving for quite some time in order to buy myself my first sports car! I know its a very poor financial decision and I am very well aware of the consequences of buying a depreciating asset like a car which would make me end up poorer at the end of the day! However there is a saying #YOLO (you only live once!) and unfortunately I live by that code! Therefore I made the the most irrational decision to buy an expensive car (by my standard of course!)  in order to reward my not so deserving self...

Anyway enough with the talk time for some pictures , full of syok sendiriness!

E Class Cabriolet this scene is taken from Sex and The City the Movie 2.!

 My first car with LED daylight running time! and also my first car with white headlights!

 The new and the old, the E and the C,the Coupe and the Sedan. By the way both cars have the same chassis, yup although the E Class Coupe (C207) was released much later than the W203 it still uses its chassis (not the newer W204)

 My friend's Ashraf's ride! he is few years younger than me but already married!

Lights on!

 Tinting session! JPJ compliance is my choice of course, I am a law abiding citizen.

 Tod's Country Club Limited Edition Mocassions meets AMG sports pedals.


My favorite angle!

And lastly myself with my Mercedes Benz cap that I bought from Melaka Mercedes service center on my first service. My Giorgio Armani t-shirt seems to match the caps well.

Anyway there will be around 30% price reduction on cars prices by 2017.. better start saving now! who knows I might be able to to afford a supercar by 30? must work harder and save even harder in order to make my dream become reality...


  1. why u long long time no update?

    and what's with the i lap pm cap? he sponsored u the cap and the car? same color. suspicious liao...

  2. hello lucifah,

    i got it from some function, i think its cute. the same color is purely coincidence :P

    i ve been busy working no time to update... there are many things i would like to share but have yet the time to post..

    1. next time must update more often yo

      ayam always check your logs every week. last time syiok read. nao 4 months baru got new story

      u very alpha. ayam just unker.

    2. haha i ve been busy with work :( ya i will try my best to update more often :P apologize for the long wait

      hahaha but u unker with lots of $$

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